Apostolic Mysteries & the End of the World

When reading the New Testament, have you ever marveled over how the Apostles were inspired to interpret or apply Messianic Prophecy? Or, when reading the Old Testament, have you ever marveled over how much Messianic Prophecy focuses on the 2nd Advent of Christ rather than the 1st Advent? Or, have you ever wondered at how fragmented and scattered 1st Advent Messianic Prophecy is throughout the pages of the Old Testament?

In times past, upon a simple and straightforward reading of the Gospel of Matthew or Paul's Epistle to the Romans, I would often be confounded at the use of Biblical Prophecy when the writers quoted the Old Testament. Of course, being a Gentile, my understanding of the Old Testament was outrageously deficient. I knew this much.

However, upon comprehending the ultimate intent of Messianic Prophecy as it will be fulfilled in the 2nd Advent of Christ, suddenly the apostolic use of Messianic Prophecy demonstrated in Matthew or Romans makes perfect sense. As follows, there are 6 Methods used by the Apostles to interpret or understand Messianic Prophecy; and, of those 6 Methods, the last is the most profoundly important to the current era of redemption, called, the Gentile Church Age.

#1) Exclusively the 1st Advent

#2) Seemingly Exclusive to the Generation of the 1st Advent Albeit Superiorly Foretelling the Generation of the 2nd Advent

#3) Exclusively the 2nd Advent

#4) Seemingly Exclusive to History Albeit Partially Foretelling the 1st Advent

#5) An Indecipherable & Indistinguishable Blending of the Two Advents

#6) Seemingly Exclusive to the 2nd Advent Albeit Partially Foretelling the 1st Advent

As stated before, the 6th Category is the most profoundly important to comprehend. As demonstrated by the Apostles Matthew & Paul, among others, there are six countable ways that Messianic Prophecy foretells the 2nd Advent while, at the same time, these prophecies empower and make possible an operation of redemption in the current Gentile Church Age. How can it be?

» Mystery #1

» Mystery #2

» Mystery #3a

» Mystery #3b

» Mystery #3c

» Mystery #4a

» Mystery #4b

» Mystery #5

» Mystery #6a

» Mystery #6b

As a fellow Gentile Convert of the current age of redemption, I plead for the exploration of these Mysteries as the Apostles understood them. For, not too many days hence, redemption will turn from the Gentiles to the Jews as accounted in Romans Chapter 11. Then, during the 70th Week of Daniel, the LORD will re-engage the record of ancient prophecy until every last word is fulfilled (Rev. 10:7). Upon understanding the framework of Biblical Reasoning used by the Apostles, only then will we be able to realize the practical significance of these prophecies both now and in the time to come. More specifically, I speak of the Age-Ending Revival that will take place at the close of the Gentile Church Age. Are you ready for what's about to happen in the earth? 

“…in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished, as he hath declared to his servants the prophets.” – Rev. 10:7

In accordance with the apostolic explanation of things, Mystery #1 & Mystery #2 are spiritualized fulfillments of Messianic Prophecy that originally and ultimately speak of what God will do through & to Babylon. In other words, these 2 Mysteries are extracted from what God will do in the Great Tribulation and in the Consummation. Right? Yet, as revealed in Messianic Prophecy, after wrath is exhausted in the consummation, mercy will begin a resurrection for a mighty restoration of the Jews for the Millennial Reign. Then, at last, the story is complete. Yet, not just for the Jews. The spiritualized fulfillments continue throughout all the foretold exploits of the Messiah. Therefore, I say, the story is complete. Herein, the adversarial Kingdom of Babylon arose, did conquer, and then was conquered (Mysteries #1 & #2); and, then the Conqueror converted the Jews and healed the earth while regathering and restoring them to Jerusalem (Mysteries #3a, #3b, #3c, #4a, #4b, #5, #6a, #6b). These are the stated objectives of the Messiah and the extracted mysteries applicable to the current Gentile Church Age, formerly addressed, but we are yet to intellectually grasp the implications of these mysteries.