Seemingly Exclusive to the Generation of the 1st Advent Albeit Superiorly Foretelling the Generation of the 2
nd Advent

There are other Messianic Prophecies that are seemingly exclusive to the generation of the 1st Advent albeit superiorly foretelling the generation of the 2nd Advent. However, we need not observe many prophecies of this kind. Only one will suffice because the foremost example of this category alters our understanding of all other like Messianic Prophecies. My reader, observe how Jesus Christ quoted Daniel 9:27 in Matthew 24:15 as a soon-to-be fulfilled prophecy in the events described in Matthew 24, Luke 21, & Mark 13. In retrospect, we know that these prophecies are foretelling the 70 A.D. destruction of Jerusalem by Rome. However, had all things been fulfilled in this “generation” as was foretold in Matthew 24:34 & Luke 21:32, apparently, the two greatest adversaries of Biblical Prophecy should have appeared on the World Stage in an epic conflict for the End of the World. Hardly could there be a more important prophecy, to know that in one “generation” both of these colossal figures of Biblical Prophecy would appear and that “this generation shall not pass away, till all be fulfilled” (Lk. 21:32). Yet, Christ was only confirming what was revealed to Daniel. In quoting and applying Daniel 9:27 to this generation, Christ was invoking the numerical countdown of the Prophetic Calendar as given to Daniel, called, 70 Weeks (Dan. 9:24-27).

7 Weeks

(49 Years)


Ahasuerus’ Decree  à Breach of the 1st Restoration Generation  
(Esther 1:1, Neh. 1-2) (Neh. 13 / Malachi 1-4)



62 Weeks

(434 Years)


Malachi  à The Crucifixion (Dan. 9:26)



1 Week

(7 Years)


The Crucifixion  à 2nd Advent of Christ (Dan. 9:27)

[ …7 Years? …37 Years? ]

Daniel’s 70 Weeks is the most numerically profound prophecy in the Bible. The very day of Christ’s crucifixion was exactly foretold. Serving as a calendar of futurity, the countdown of days was uninterrupted and un-paused for 69 Weeks leading up to the day of Christ’s crucifixion, as foretold in Daniel 9:26. The countdown continued for 483 Years or 173,880 Days, amounting to 69 Weeks; and, without interruption, the countdown should have continued unto 490 Years or 176,400 Days, amounting to 70 Weeks. However, 7 years came and went in a countdown beginning from the Crucifixion of Christ. Furthermore, time carried on for a total of around 37 Years until the foretold circumstances of Mathew 24, Luke 21, & Mark 13 manifested in real time, however not in full! According to Christ invoking this numerical countdown of Daniel’s 70 Weeks in Matthew 24, these events should have fully come to pass exactly like the former landmark fulfillments at 7 Weeks & 62 Weeks. Therefore, what was presumably supposed to be 7 Years in counting to the 2nd Advent, starting from 33 A.D., apparently turned into 37 Years in counting coming to 70 A.D. Meaning, the 2nd Advent was expected to come shortly after 70 A.D., depending on when the 7 Years would begin in counting. Yet, why didn’t it happen?

As stated before, and proven elsewhere at length, because the 2nd Restoration Generation of the Jews steadfastly refused their Messiah (as is duly accounted in the Gospels, the Book of Acts, & the Epistles), this prophecy has been recalibrated for the 3rd Restoration Generation of the Jews who will live through the Great Tribulation and experience the 2nd Advent of Christ (the final & complete fulfillment of Christ’s prophecies in Matt. 24, Lk. 21, & Mk. 13). Therefore, in retrospect, we are able to recognize how Daniel 9:27 was affirmatively speaking of a scenario that was seemingly exclusive to the generation of the 1st Advent, and yet it is superiorly foretelling a scenario pertaining to the last generation of mankind before the 2nd Advent of Christ. Now, in counting from 70 A.D. (starting from the breach of the 2nd Restoration Generation), we are 1,950 Years (Gregorian Calendar) and counting with the 70th Week of Daniel imminent on the horizon.