Exclusively the 2nd Advent

Meanwhile, of the 30+ prophecies of Matthew only 3 speak exclusively of the 2nd Advent. Stunningly, they were all quoted by Christ. He, being the only one worthy, is the only one knowledgeable of how He would fulfill what was written of old! Christ identified the moment when Daniel 12:3 will be fulfilled in the 2nd Advent in Matthew 13:43; He defended his own Godhood while being a Man by quoting Psalm 110:1 in Matthew 22:44; and, lastly, and most dramatically, He described His appearance in the 2nd Advent by quoting the glory foreseen by David in Psalm 110:1 (Matthew 26:64).

Now, with 10 prophecies accounted for, and with 20 left of the 30+ prophecies of Matthew, let the reader understand: a majority of remaining prophecies used by Matthew as proof of the 1st Advent are either seemingly exclusive to History or seemingly exclusive to the 2nd Advent. I say, seemingly, because by all appearances it would seem that these prophecies are inapplicable to the 1st Advent of Christ; yet, Matthew is inspired to affirm that these prophecies were in fact a guiding voice in the foretelling of the 1st Advent. However, whatever inspirational affirmation Matthew is compelled to make with regard to each individual prophecy, it is not to the nullification of the original and/or supreme intent of these prophecies. Furthermore, as needed, these singular prophecies can power upwards to three or more senses of differing real time fulfillments in the past, present, and future, all depending on how you number them.