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Introducing the End | 75 Days of Great & Terrible Glory

1,260  à 1,290  à 1,335


As you can tell from Revelation 11:15-19, 14:6-20-16:1-21, 18:1-20:6, what takes place after the sounding of the 7th Trumpet is no small affair. How could it be? Formerly referenced, this is what Gabriel annexed to the last 1,260 days of this World’s present existence (Dan. 12:11-12)! These are 75 days of Great & Terrible Glory! In this short time period the Jews will be entirely converted, gloriously regathered, and permanently restored unto the Holy Land for the rebuilding of the City and Temple during the Millennial Reign of Christ! This one thing – the restoration of the Jews – was Daniel’s greatest subject of prayer and prophecy, and such was the case with all Spirit-filled Jews in the Old Testament. As an answer to Daniel’s prayerful longing the angel spoke the word: 75 days.

My reader, look at it from Daniel’s perspective. Daniel’s anguish pertained to the perpetual backslidings of the people of God, the Jews (Dan. 9:1-19). He was longing for the transgressions and sins of the Jews to come to an end to wit there would be a reconciliation to God, a restoration unto the Holy Land, and rebuilding of the City of Jerusalem (Dan. 9:25). At first, the time determined that these things would be accomplished in the Jews was 70 weeks.

Seventy weeks are determined upon thy people and upon thy Holy City, to finish the transgression, and to make an end of sins, and to make reconciliation for iniquity, and to bring in everlasting righteousness, and to seal up the vision and prophecy, and to anoint the most Holy.” – Dan. 9:24

This being the case, however, Gabriel further informed Daniel that after 7 weeks a partial restoration would take place during the 1st Restoration Generation prior to the coming of the Messiah the Prince (Dan. 9:25). Then, after 69 weeks, the Messiah or the Branch would come and, yet, he would be cut off for the sins of the people (Dan. 9:25). No doubt this came as a surprise to Daniel! This, in turn, would result in the destruction of the City and the Sanctuary for yet another time (“the people of the prince that shall come shall destroy the City and the Sanctuary” – Dan. 9:26)!

The culmination of these things, over 2,000 years later, brings us to the 70th week of Daniel. This is the last and final week of the determined time before the glorious restoration of the Jews! According to Daniel 9:27, the 70th week will begin when the antichrist makes a “covenant” of peace only for it to be broken 3 ½ years later (“in the midst of the week”) when the saying is fulfilled in that “the abomination of desolation” does “stand in the holy place” (Dan. 9:27, Matt. 24:15). This, in turn, means the unleashing of unprecedented desolation and destruction for the most troublous time of human suffering the world has ever seen (Dan. 9:27, 12:1)! The acts of abomination committed in the sanctuary and the 3 ½ years of suffering and glory that would follow are explained further in Daniel 11:31-35 & 12:1-4. One of the more striking prophecies among the number foretold,

“And they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars for ever and ever.” – Dan. 12:3

Upon hearing such things, Daniel asked, “How long shall it be to the end of these wonders?” (Dan. 12:6). The answer given, “a time, times, and an half” (Dan. 12:7), being interpreted means 3 ½ years (Rev. 12:6, 14), but this 3 ½ year Great Tribulation Period is specifically allotted for the accomplishment of the scattering of the power of the holy people according to Daniel 12:7. In terms of Daniel 9:24, the scattering of the holy people meant God’s judgment of chastisement upon the Jews prior to their restoration. So, the accomplishing of the Great Tribulation marks the end of God’s judgment of the Jews and, in turn, this marks the beginning of their restoration! So, does this mean that the Jews will be restored right then and there? And, what does this have to do with the “wiseshining as the brightness of the firmament or like stars in sky (Dan. 12:3)?

Being compelled to ask the question again, Daniel said, “O my Lord, what shall be the end of these things?” (Dan. 12:8). As for Daniel, to him the meaning was sealed and the question unanswered. The angel foretold how these things would be unveiled at “the time of the end” (Dan. 12:9). During this time, Gabriel explained, Many shall be purified, and made white, and tried; but the wicked shall do wickedly: and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand” (Dan. 12:10). Beyond this, there was given to Daniel two reference points of time and accomplishment, and that’s all: Day 1,290 & Day 1,335.

Day 1,260  à means that the 3 ½ year Great Tribulation (the 70th week of Daniel) is fully accomplished (Dan. 9:24, 12:7; Rev. 12:6, 14) and, likewise, this means that the prophesying of the Two Anointed Ones has come to a finish by way death (“We are immortal till our work is done.” – Whitefield; Rev. 11:3-10); and, as has been proven heretofore, this also means that the Spiritual Temple of the Gentile Church Age has been gloriously restored and built to completion (“the fulness of the Gentiles be come in” – Rom. 11:25) to wit God is ready to turn to the Jews.

Day 1,290  à means the annexation of 30 days to the allotted 1,260 days, a time period wherein the totality of Babylon is defeated and destroyed to wit “the abomination that maketh desolation” is no longer set up as of the 30th day (Dan. 12:11).

Day 1,335  à means the annexation of 45 days to the allotted 1,290 days, a time period that is prophetically certified by Daniel 12:12 to the intent that all men should know that there’s a blessedness yet to be accomplished that’s worth the wait (“Blessed is he that waiteth” – Dan. 12:12).

In summary, according to the revelation given to Daniel, all we know is that by Day 1,290 Babylon and her abominations are totally defeated and destroyed and, moreover, by Day 1,335 there’s a consummation of all unfulfilled blessings. Daniel was left largely unanswered concerning these things, this we know, but do you remember when the angel foretold how these things would be unveiled at “the time of the end” (Dan. 12:9) and therein “the wise shall understand” (Dan. 12:10)? This testifies to the fact that God wants the momentous occasion of these dates to be understood! Therefore, we, as the recipients of the New Testament, must labor to understand the “things which must shortly come to pass” in the Last Days (Rev. 1:1). The Book of Revelation was written so that we might read, hear, and keep those things that are written therein, “for the time is at hand” (Rev. 1:3)! With all false humility aside, we must re-ask and answer the ancient question of Daniel by the full record of Holy Scripture; and for us, this means a definitive explanation of Day 1,260, Day 1,290, & Day 1,335 as they relate to the restoration of the Jews! “O my Lord, what shall be the end of these things?” (Dan. 12:8).