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7 Horns & 7 Eyes: Revealing the Present

Understandably so, the ascended and glorified God-man – exercising authority from Heaven-to-Earth – must be reckoned with in terms that the Jews would recall from old-time prophecies. Lo and behold, Christ is depicted as having Seven Horns & Seven Eyes!

in the midst…stood a Lamb as it had been slain, having Seven Horns and Seven Eyes, which are the Seven Spirits of God sent forth into all the earth” – Rev. 5:6

This, of course, is one in meaning with the Seven Spirits of God; which, according to Revelation 4:5 & 1:4, is one in meaning with the Seven Lamps of Fire that are burning before the Throne; which, according to Revelation 1:13, is one in meaning with the Seven Candlesticks.

The Seven Spirits of God: “from the Seven Spirits which are before His Throne” – Rev. 1:4

The Seven Candlesticks: “I saw Seven Golden Candlesticks; And in the midst of the Seven Candlesticks one like unto the Son of Man” – Rev. 1:13

The Seven Lamps of Fire: “and there were Seven Lamps of Fire burning before the Throne, which are the Seven Spirits of God” – Rev. 4:5

For starters, let the reader understand how the heathen Kingdoms of the earth were metaphorically depicted as horned beasts in Daniel 7 & 8. In ancient times, and in vital messages of redemptive history, the horned beasts represented adversarial Kingdoms and their Kings which posed a threat to the Kingdom of God, the Church. However, the coming of an eternal and undefeatable Kingdom was foretold (Dan. 2) – the Kingdom of the Messiah that would rise to conquer and cast down all other thrones worldwide! However, upon the unexpected death of Christ in 33 A.D. that left the Israelite Kingdom unrestored and the impenitent Jews in darkness, explanation was needed. Furthermore, upon the near end of the World that coincides with the 2nd Coming of Christ in 70 A.D., nearly 30 years since the ascension of Christ, the need for explanation only increased. Yea, with all the apostles dead except John… the need for explanation turned into desperation!

Then, at last, at around 96 A.D., the first readers of the Book of Revelation see the Man, the ascended One, the Seven Horned & Seven Eyed Lamb standing in the court of Heaven! Knowing this ascension took place at 33 A.D., an explanation of the past is provided alongside a revelation of the presentthe past being an explanation to the events of the past 63 years and the present being a revelation of the status of the Kingdom of God in the Gentile Church Age. Revelation 6 is an explanation of the past 63 years and, conclusively, the Seven Horned & Seven Eyed Lamb is the revelation of the present.

The Numerical Continuity

At the time, being around 96 A.D., we know that there were far more than Seven Churches in the World. Remember, the Seven Candlesticks represented the Churches existing in Asia and nowhere else. Given the fact that the apostles traversed the nations of the World successfully planting Churches and dying as martyrs in foreign lands besides those of Asia, there would be scores of actual Candlesticks in Heaven. Also, we know that there is only one Spirit of God, the Holy Spirit, who is the third Person of the Godhead, and not seven as depicted in the vision. Likewise, we know that Christ, being the seed of David, in actuality has two eyes instead of seven as is the case with all human bodies. Furthermore, and finally, we know that Jesus of Nazareth doesn’t have any horns in reality. However, the vision is true and the message is profoundly needed! The vision, in metaphor, represents the reality of things in Heaven and Earth in the Gentile Church Age!

The Interpretation: Manifold Continuities Illustrating One Thing

Like the Beasts of prophecy in ages past, Christ is the Lamb of the present – slain yet triumphant, having Seven Horns! Oh, my reader! Comprehend the language of triumph! Understand with me the mystery of Christ’s majesty! Like no other book of the New Testament, the Book of Revelation is a voice echoing and adding to, and where necessary answering, the vast content of divine foretelling in all of its mysterious enormity amassed through the ages! Hereby, like no other book in the New Testament, the Book of Revelation is a bridge between the Testaments. Amidst prophesying of rising World Kingdoms in Daniel 2, the Kingdom of God in Christ is foretold to be a “Stone” that smites and brakes the other Kingdoms in pieces (Dan. 2:34, 45). However, we never read of the Kingdom of God in terms of a Horned Beast. Ah, but here we read of it: a Lamb with Seven Horns!

The Horned Lamb, who is the one and only King of Heaven, is like the horned Beasts of old in that their horns represented the Kings or Rulers of the Kingdoms of the Earth. The Lamb, having Seven Horns, displays the rulership of the Kingdom from Heaven-to-Earth through the Seven Churches of the province of Asia – seven locations of Asia whereat the redeemed, as Kings and Priests, were advancing upon and making ambassadorial proclamations to the peoples of the World (pushing back the gates of hell!). Ambassadors share the rulership of the chief Ruler, thus in this case (Christians representing Christ): they are persons whose presence is representing the full weight of authority vested in the King of Heaven, the Messiah, who is Jesus of Nazareth (Matt. 28:16-20, Lk. 10:17-20). In His Name they triumph!

Accordingly, the redeemed of Asia were acting as an extension of the Body of Christ – one organic living and working manifestation of the Person of Jesus, who is the Head of the Body (Eph. 2:10, 5:23, Col. 1:18, 2:19); can you believe it? Hence, there are places of Asia wherein the Body of one Person, who is the Christ, is active in seven locations just like the Spirit who is one, being the third Person of the Godhead, is active in seven locations simultaneously through the Seven Spirits of God! Herein we see a harmony between the Seven Candlesticks and the Seven Lamps of Fire before the Throne in Revelation 1:13 & 4:5. Therefore, these seven locations in Asia are effectively the Seven Horns of the Lamb in that they are the places on earth whereat Christ engages the powers of hell with maximum impact through the Churches (Hab. 3:4, Ex. 34:29)! Understandably, the horns of a beast are the points of maximum impact – the place whereto the whole power of the animal is bowed in a charge! The bowing of the might of Heaven, the Mighty One, is hereby communicable: Seven Horns which are the Seven Churches by which Christ, through Seven Spirits, pushes against and drives the adversarial dominions of hell backwards! At last, we read that Christ sees the on-location adversaries of the Seven Churches through Seven Eyes which, like unto the Seven Horns, are the Seven Spirits through which Christ is organically one with the Churches! In other words, the on-location Christians are the tip of the spear in the battle that Christ wages from the pavilion of Heaven during the Gentile Church Age!

As you can see, there’s an explicitly implicit message being delivered in that, lo and behold: there are Seven Spirits of God, Seven Lamps of Fire, and there are Seven Horns & Seven Eyes on the Lamb of God in Heaven! Furthermore, the implicit message conveyed through these four 7’s does perfectly correlate with the explicit message being delivered to the Churches of Asia in that they are Seven Candlesticks. Hereby, the Spirit of Prophecy is revealing the present estate of things to the readers of 96 A.D. and beyond; that every Biblical Church of the Gentile Church Age would comprehend what is at hand in the places they gather in worship and service to the King. Even so, may every Gentilic Israelite (Christian) wake up to the vision like Jacob did, and say, “Surely the LORD is in this place; and I knew it not” (Gen. 28:16)!