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The Winepress

The deluded armies are made to fear what they were formerly unafraid of, they are made to flee and scatter from the place they rushed in gathering for war, and they are made to weep and wail while running and hiding!

Christ, appearing as victor in the arena of heaven, turns His gaze downward (“His face did shine as the sun” – Matt. 17:2)! The Man’s body, unscathed by war with angels and unburnt by the devouring fire consuming Earth’s Sky, descends in the luster of invincibility! His garments, sootless and undarkened by the tempestuous smoke (“His raiment was white as the light” – Matt. 17:2), are soon to be stained by the blood of men! Descending, Jesus of Nazareth will be riding a galloping horse into the amassed enormity of soldiers from every nation on earth (Rev. 16:12-16, Zech. 12:3)! Hundreds of millions of Babylonian Soldiers will span from the plains of Megiddo to Bozrah, a distance of about 200 miles, thence to become what was foretold: “The Great Winepress of the Wrath of God” (Rev. 14:19).

for I will tread them in mine anger, and trample them in my fury; and their blood shall be sprinkled upon my garments, and I will stain all my raiment.” – Isa. 63:3

For, behold, the LORD cometh out of his place to punish the inhabitants of the earth for their iniquity: the earth also shall disclose her blood, and shall no more cover her slain.” – Isa. 26:20-21

What does this mean? This means a war quite different than the angel-burning fiery blaze of heaven! The Rider on the White Horse, flying, will descend like an eagle (Jer. 49:21-22, Isa. 31:4-9, Rev. 19:11-16) and gallop into the terror-stricken armies of Babylon in blood-splattering velocities and flesh-stomping fury! In noisy close combat warfare, wielding a sword (Rev. 19:21, Jer. 25:27-33), Christ will dash their bodies in pieces like the shattering of a potter’s vessel (Ps. 2:9)! Literally, He will cut men in pieces (Zech. 12:3)! With unimaginable violence and divine quickness, the Omnipotent Warrior’s sword will devour flesh (Deut. 32:39-43), strike through Kings (Ps. 110:5), and fill the whole area with dead bodies (Ps. 110:6) insomuch that the Rider’s horse will wade through blood up to its bridle for a space of 200 miles (Rev. 14:19-20)! That’s about 4ft of blood for a space of 200 miles! The bloody aftermath of the war will be seen upon the landscape just as it was as foretold: the mountains of the earth will be melted with blood (Isa. 34:3), the soil of the land will be soaked with blood, and the dust of the earth will be fattened into mush with the excess of human fat (Isa. 34:7)! “Alas, who shall live when God doeth this!” (Num. 24:23).

Ascending from the bloody carnage of dashed and trodden bodies, the bloodied Man of War will ride onward triumphantly – flying from nation to nation (Jer. 25:32, Rev. 19:15, Isa. 52:10, Isa. 31:4-9, 19:1) – there to slay the prominent resistors of the Kingdom of God (Isa. 13:15, Jer. 25:31) to the complete and utter subduction of Babylon (Dan. 7:9, Hag. 2:22, Dan. 12:11) insomuch that “the slain of the LORD shall be at that day from one end of the earth even unto the other end of the earth” (Jer. 25:33)! Insomuch that “a noise shall come even to the ends of the earth” (Jer. 25:31, 50:22-23)! My reader, all the nations of the earth will on this wise be humbled, but especially Babylon! Shockingly, all the nations of the earth will be humbled in beholding the humiliation of Babylon the Great! Even so, it shall be fulfilled, “At the noise of the taking of Babylon the earth is moved, and the cry is heard among the nations” (Jer. 50:46)! And, again, “A sound of a cry cometh from Babylon, and great destruction from the Land of Chaldeans” (Jer. 51:54)! The Beast-worshippers of the earth will be so utterly astonished to behold the demise of Babylon that in this, the saying shall be fulfilled, “then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn” (Matt. 24:30)! Because of this, “all the kindreds of the earth shall wail because of Him” (Rev. 1:7; Rev. 18:9-19)! My reader, if you were granted a small glimpse of what Christ will do in the fury of divine vengeance (“for strong is the Lord God who judgeth her” – Rev. 18:8), you too would cry aloud, saying: “Alas, who shall live when God doeth this!” (Num. 24:23). In answering this outcry, this is what we know.

We know that Christ will descend upon the Mount of Olives (Zech. 14:14) in the horse-gallop of a Man of War (Rev. 19:11-16) to tread the Winepress outside of the City of Jerusalem (“without the City” – Rev. 14:18-20), especially including the Valley of Kidron (the Valley of Jehoshaphat – Joel 3:11-14) and not excluding the lands and mountains around Jerusalem and beyond (the Mountains of Israel – Ezek. 39:17) extending as far northwest to Megiddo (Armageddon – Rev. 16:14-16) and as far southeast as Bozrah of Edom (Edom, Idumea, Bozrah – Isa. 34:3, 5-8, 63:1) totaling in about 200 miles or 1,600 furlongs (Rev. 14:20). Moreover, let it be noted that the above specified details of prophecy are not irreconcilable like an incohesive puzzle. Rather, such details were written so that we might understand where and how “the Battle of the Great Day of God Almighty” will transpire and who will die in it (Rev. 16:14). With this objective, consider the following:


The scenario prior to Christ’s descent during the 6 Vials sheds light on why the on-location armies of the Antichrist and those of close by Kingdoms will immediately surround Jerusalem filling the mountains, valleys, and plains nearby with soldiers.


The scenario prior to Christ’s descent during the 6 Vials sheds light on why the distant armies of planet earth will gather at the plains of Megiddo instead of at Jerusalem.

Seeing that the Capital City of Babylon’s World Empire is none other than Jerusalem, believe it or not (Rev. 11:8, 14:8, 16:10, 17:18, 18:2, 10, 16, 18, 19, 21), and seeing that Mount Zion is the location of the Antichrist’s palace and seat / throne (Dan. 11:45, Rev. 16:10; Note: It has always been the Devil’s will to steal and usurp what has been directly and especially chosen by God [Isa. 14:13-14], and this is no exception.), and seeing that the Mount of Olives is the exact location where Christ’s original descent will take place (Acts 1:9-12), we can understand why this is the ideal location of Earth’s Sky for the heavenly assembly of raptured saints on the pavilion of fiery splendor during the outpouring of the Vials. It is meet for the Lord to protest and plead with Babylon through the Vials while directly in sight above the Capital City of the Empire, don’t you think? This is the scenario during the 6 Vials leading up to Christ’s descent. How does this affect the gathering of Babylon’s Armies?

My reader, consider the vantage point of the antichrist. The visual scenario of Heaven’s Army in clear sight above Jerusalem, the stronghold of the antichrist, will be provocative to him. Feeling threatened and vulnerable, he will strategically retaliate so as to remove as much of Jerusalem’s vulnerability as is humanly possible in his perception. The scenario does hereby shape the strategy he would employ to protect himself in the immediate and long term assembling of Babylon’s Armies in preparation for war. Being the lone commander and monarch of the entire world, the antichrist would be contemplating a standoff with the Lamb by amassing the military might of the whole Empire, and nothing less.

Hypothetically, things would manifest in this order: at Babylon’s refusal to surrender in the siege at the 6th Vial (which resulted in the conspiring of all nations to make war against the Lamb), it would be expedient for the on-location armies of the Antichrist to surround and fortify the City of Jerusalem first of all. Relatively soon thereafter, the armies of neighboring lands would arrive (“the Kings of the East” – Rev. 16:12) seeing that they are in close proximity to Jerusalem. They would venture to occupy the insecure regions closest to Jerusalem so as to fortify and secure them in the event of war. This leaves the more distant lands unoccupied and reserved for the reinforcements that would arrive later.

Given that the Kings of the East could amass a considerable force numerous enough to occupy the territories immediately around Jerusalem extending, let’s say, 100 miles in both directions (northwest and southeast), this would leave an additional 100 miles of open space on the outer edges of the amassed multitude in the northwest toward Megiddo and in the southeast toward Edom. Thus, as it would appear, Megiddo would be set apart for the armies of distant lands whose travel would be arduous and long (armies traveling from distant regions in the North and the West, for example). Megiddo would be a fit location for the amassing of the allied armies of distant foreigners, seeing it is a place of spacious plains. Likewise, considerable African armies could amass from the deep south through Egypt to make their way to Jerusalem through Bozrah of Edom, thereby occupying the unoccupied 50-mile span southeast from the armies around Jerusalem.

Approximately 200 miles will be utterly saturated with armies because the Rider on the White Horse will be seen riding through a vast sea of blood for the space of 200 miles reaching to the horse’s bridle (Rev. 14:20)! In divine exactitude, the prophetically identified locations of the Winepress do span an area of around 200 miles! Thus, for the making of this vast sea of blood through the carnage of dead men, the Lord will ride into the innumerable hosts crowding the countryside round about and expanding on the landscape northwest of Jerusalem to Megiddo and southeast of Jerusalem to Edom! Starting at the Mount of Olives (Zech. 14:3-7), the Lord will plow through the Armies of Babylon moving from the Mount of Olives into the Valley of Jehoshaphat (Joel 3:11-14), and from there the Lord will traverse the entire area round about the City in the same violent fury (Rev. 14:18-20)! Thereafter, I propose, Christ will move northwest while engaging the Terrestrial Armies of Babylon every step of the way, and upon arriving to the plains of Megiddo, and victoriously traversing the area, the Lord will move southeast for another pass by Jerusalem while visiting “the Mountains of Israel” as is required to engage the remaining soldiers thereon (Ezek. 39:17)! Then, at last, making His way to Bozrah of Edom in the land of Idumea, the Lord will finish the treading of the Winepress (Isa. 34:3, 5-8)! Edom is the finishing point of the divine slaughter called the Winepress, I conclude, because the Rider on the White Horse will be seen victoriously ascending from Edom as one having already tread the Winepress, in the fulfillment saying,

Who is this that cometh from Edom, with dyed garments from Bozrah? this that is glorious in His apparel, travelling in the greatness of His strength? I that speak in righteousness, mighty to save. Wherefore art thou red in thine apparel, and thy garments like him that treadeth in the winefat? I have trodden the Winepress alone; and of the people there was none with me: for I will tread them in Mine anger, and trample them in My fury; and their blood shall be sprinkled upon my garments, and I will stain all My raiment. For the Day of Vengeance is in mine heart, and the Year of My Redeemed is come. And I looked, and there was none to help; and I wondered that there was none to uphold: therefore Mine own arm brought salvation unto me; and My fury, it upheld me. And I will tread down the people in Mine anger, and make them drunk in My fury, and I will bring down their strength to the earth.” – Isa. 63:1-6

Suddenly in one day (Rev. 18:8), in one hour (Rev. 18:10, 17), the 200-mile Winepress is trodden (Jer. 51:8). In this, Babylon is Fallen (Rev. 14:8, 18:2, Isa. 21:9, Jer. 51:8)! In ascending from Edom, as Isaiah discerns (Isa. 63:1), the Lord is making His way to the Mount of Olives to dismount the White Horse and stand victoriously in altitude as the victor of Jerusalem and the lone treader of the Winepress (Zech. 14:3-7)! Evidently, the Armies of Heaven which followed the Lord at His initial descent (Rev. 19:11-16) refrained from fighting with Him in the battle. Rather, so it would seem, they stood in the galleries round about the 200-mile location to behold the wonder of Christ, who said, “I have trodden the Winepress alone; and of the people there was none with me: for I will tread them in Mine anger, and trample them in My fury; and their blood shall be sprinkled upon My garments, and I will stain all My raiment” (Isa. 63:1-6)! Ah, what a moving sight this will be, and by so noble a gallery of sinlessly perfect men and women! Meanwhile, “all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of Him” (Rev. 1:7)!

As stated before, the initial battle of the 2nd Advent War taking place in these prophetically identified locations (a space of 200 miles) will result in a sea of blood 4ft deep spanning the landscape. Speaking of this, it was written, Blood came out of the Winepress, even unto the horse bridles, by the space of a thousand and six hundred furlongs” (Rev. 14:20). A pool of blood of this length and depth cannot realistically be a mere stream or river of blood that is narrow in width, as the geography wouldn’t allow blood to streamline 200 miles. Perhaps a more realistic width could be 42 ft to 84 ft. This being the case, we can estimate the number of dead bodies that would amount to a realistic volume of blood in fulfilment of this dreadful prophecy. Seeing that there are approximately 6 quarts of blood in a single man, we can calculate the number of dead men it would take to span the distance. In an unrealistic scenario, for example, like that of a streamlining river of blood 6 ft wide and 4 ft deep, let it be understood by the reader that this would require 126 Million dead bodies fully bleeding out! A more realistic scenario, however, like that of a swampy sea of human carnage 42 ft wide and 4ft deep, would require 884 Million dead bodies! In perhaps an even more likely scenario (considering the circumstances), a sea of blood 84 ft wide and 4ft deep would require 1.7 Billion dead bodies! Or, even if the sea of blood is 168 ft in width, it’s potentially achievable given the circumstances! This would require the amassing of 3.5 Billion people in the 200-mile area from Megiddo to Edom! The world could easily muster this number of soldiers in a concerted effort from every nation and Kingdom of the planet as was foretold, given the time (Rev. 16:12-16).

Think of it, my reader! Compare Babylon’s Warfare, in the first 6 Trumpets, with God’s Warfare in the 2nd Advent. An Army of Angels that amounted to 200 Million were amassed to become the Celestial Armies of Babylon (Rev. 9)! Then, both Celestial and Terrestrial Babylon waged war on the earth and took over a divided World that didn’t initially welcome Babylon as their ruler resulting in a death toll of around 2.3 Billion (given there will be 7 Billion people on earth in those days). This is Babylon’s warfare upon a divided world. Now, at the 7th Vial, the Lamb of God is the unwelcomed ruler in a united world under Babylon! This is God’s warfare upon a united world – an inestimable leap from all pastime wars! Moreover, the wasting of earth’s resources (Babylon’s Resources) and the distress of all nations would lead to a plausible response by the public: formerly uninterested men and women would desire the vocation of a soldier.

What draws men to Jerusalem? Imminent death in a wasted earth and lying miracles in the strongest delusion ever decreed upon mankind! So, given the opportunity, men will resolutely amass in an effort to protect themselves and survive. This would result in unprecedented numbers turning out for enlistment, not to mention the prospect of nations calling for a mandatory enlistment or draft. Meanwhile, all men would be drawn to the sights and sounds coming from the Skyline of Jerusalem while depravedly bent on surviving at all costs! My reader, remember the depravity observed in earthly sieges? The depravity of men observed in a wasted Kingdom, in a confined City, amidst plagues of famine, disease, peril, and the sword – this and much more will be the status of unconfined humanity worldwide! – thus war and the domination of others will be a desirable vocation compared to the bleak alternative! Realistically, hundreds of millions and perhaps billions of people will make their way to Jerusalem for war!

Even so, at the crushing of every grape in the Winepress the inexpressible fury of an angry Christ will be momentarily eased (Zech. 6:8). Composing Himself, the Lord will ascend the Mount of Olives in the aftermath of the battle! Standing on high, and with a sea of blood glistening in the lower altitudes of the peripheral, the Man will be a marvel to men and angels in this blissful moment of victory! Can you imagine it? It is written, “His feet shall stand in that day upon the Mount of Olives” (Zech. 14:4)! The dismounted Warrior, having left a sea of blood in the wake of His path from Megiddo to Edom and back to Jerusalem, ascends thereto having done all as one “glorious in His apparel” and “travelling in the greatness of His strength” (Isa. 63:1)! It will be a momentary pause of bliss and terror to behold the Man, Jesus of Nazareth, bright red and still dripping with human blood while standing upon the Mount of Olives overlooking the walled City of Jerusalem, the beloved City, now divided in three parts (Rev. 16:19)! Meanwhile, just overhead, the Armies of Heaven are hushed in silent admiration of their King as they watch from the loft of the sky above! It’s a mountain top moment of absolute serenity. This is a picturesque scene of brilliant contrast with Christ, stained red and standing out amidst the mighty Host of Heaven’s saints and angels! Myriads arrayed in bright white garments gaze upon the bright red Warrior standing beside His Horse as blood runs down their bodies and pools at their feet!

Bozrah of Edom, the Edomites, Mount Seir, & the Land of Idumea

Why does the location of the Winepress veer southeast outside of Israelite territory into Bozrah of Edom, of all places? Why is God so angry with the Edomites (Edom, Idumea, Bozrah – Isa. 34:3, 5-8, 63:1), now called Jordanians? On several occasions and in the same breath of prophecy foretelling the utter destruction of Babylon, Edom’s demise is foretold! Why? It is understandable that God is furious with Mystery Babylon the Great, whose Capital City will be Jerusalem, but what propels God to be likewise angry with Bozrah of Edom? Above all, here’s one foreseeable reason: Hashemite Custodianship of Jerusalem Holy Sites.

The Edomites, who are modern-day Jordanians, are hereby doing the same things that the Edomites of the past were derided for in provoking the wrath of God. Beginning in 1924, the Jordanians have assumed the role of Hashemite Custodianship of Jerusalem Holy Sites on behalf of the Muslim World (Note: the Hashemites are the Royal Family of the Kingdom of Jordan). As you will soon see, this role of the Jordanians was foretold by and denunciated in prophecy, and it is therefore deserving of divine vengeance. Moreover, as a result of this role the Jordanians are at the center of every crisis between Israel and Muslims worldwide. The Jordanians, as leaders and ambassadors on behalf of the Muslim World, are in the throes of every conflict of Israel that frequently brings the earth to the brink of World War III for decades. This being the case, don’t you think that the God of Israel has some choice words for Jordan? Don’t you think that God will answer the stout words and blasphemous speeches that Jordan has made for so many decades?

Now, some ill-advised preachers believe that Edom / Jordan is the tip of the spear in Babylon’s rise to power in Jerusalem, and given the role of the Jordanians at present this may appear plausible. However, as you will soon see, the Edomites are prophesied to be helpers and beneficiaries of Babylon rather than being Babylon itself. On another note, there are many theories which welcome the imminent revelation of the antichrist within the confines of the present circumstance even while Babylon (the future One World Government) hasn’t risen to power through war and conquest according to prophecy. Therefore, some noteworthy observations need to be made to overthrow these popular misconceptions. Firstly, you have heard it said that the Jews have been regathered and the Jewish State of Israel has been restored according to the prophecies, Shall the earth be made to bring forth in one day? Or shall a nation be born at once” (Isa. 66:8), and such like prophecies. This assertion is incorrect. For, God has indeed regathered the Jews, but not directly in fulfillment of the regathering and restoration prophecies spoken of old. Rather, Israel has been regathered and reformed only to be seized by Babylon who will scatter the Jews one last time (Dan. 9:24-27, 11:31-45, 12:1-13, Zech. 14:1-2, Rev. 11:2, Lk. 21:24, Matt. 24:15-26, Mk. 13:14-23). Upon being scattered and brutally persecuted during the 3 ½ year Great Tribulation, they will be regathered and restored to Israel and Jerusalem as a result of the 2nd Advent War in fulfillment of all that was spoken of old (the 3rd Restoration Generation of the Jews).

Having fundamentally understood my proposal that present-day Jordan’s role, however instrumental, is a distinct working from the warfare soon to be undertaken by Mystery Babylon the Great, let’s examine some of the ancient prophecies: Jeremiah 49:7-22, Ezekiel 25:12-14, Obadiah 1:1-21, & Ezekiel 35:1-15.

Jeremiah 49:7-22 is one of a cluster of prophecies in the Book of Jeremiah directed to heathen nations declaring God’s judgment upon them through Babylon, but as is often the case with prophecy there are variable prophecies foretelling the victorious conclusion of the 2nd Advent War upon the heathen of Babylon’s World (for example, see Jer. 49:38 reference the final estate of Elam under the dominion of Christ). In other words, various prophecies in Jeremiah 49:7-22 do foretell what shall befall Edom in the 2nd Advent War of Christ. For example, God’s declaration in Jeremiah 49:19 is the same one made in Jeremiah 50:44, both indicating God’s judgment upon Babylon through the 2nd Advent War. Further illustrating this in the case of the Edomites, Jer. 49:8-10, 13-14, 17-22 are compelling descriptions of the result of the 2nd Advent War upon Edom! Moreover, seeing that Edom was not totally annihilated as Sodom through Babylon, we know there will be a war that will fulfill the words herein spoken. In other words, God’s judgment upon Edom is not consummated in what was or will be accomplished by historical or future Babylon.

Ezekiel 25:12-14, like Jeremiah 49:7-22, is one of a cluster of prophecies in the Book of Ezekiel directed to heathen nations declaring God’s judgment upon them through Babylon. However, in speaking to Edom there is a clear deviation from describing God’s judgment through Babylon in language harmonious to Isaiah 63:1-6 describing the 2nd Advent War. Speaking of this, the LORD said, “I will lay My vengeance upon Edom…according to Mine anger and according to My fury; and they shall know My vengeance” (Ezek. 25:14). There are no clear references to Babylon being God’s instrument of vengeance in Edom’s demise.

Obadiah 1:1-21 gives further clarity and speaks unitedly with Jeremiah 49:7-22 & Ezekiel 24:12-14. In the same voice and using the same language, Obadiah prophesies of the judgment of God upon Edom without Babylon’s instrumentality (Obadiah 1:1-6, Jer. 49:14-16, 9-10). Apparently, God is distinctly furious with Edom! We read that “every one of the Mount of Esau” will be “cut off by slaughter” (Obad. 1:9)! Why? When? Firstly, let’s answer the question of when: according to Obadiah 1:15-21, this will transpire in the Day of the LORD upon the heathen (Obad. 1:15), in a judgment likened unto the Cup of Drunkenness (Obad. 1:16), in a war in which God uses Mount Zion, the House of Jacob, and the House of Joseph to devour the House of Esau to wit, “there shall not be any remaining of the House of Esau” (Obad. 1:17-18). As you can see, this isn’t God’s judgment upon Edom through Babylon. This is the Day in which the Lord will turn again the Captivity of Jerusalem (Obad. 1:19-21) through a crushing defeat of Babylon, the Day that “the Kingdom shall be the LORD’s” in the dawning of a Millennial Reign wherein the Jews will fight, repossess, and rebuild Edom and exercise rule over all nations according to God’s will in the aftermath of the 2nd Advent War (Obad. 1:19-21, Amos 9:11-15).

Why is God so angry with Edom according to ancient prophecy? The Edomites, the children of Esau, are notorious sinners against the Jews in that they have been and will be pitiless, cruel, and murderously covetous to gain what belongs to Israel, the seed of Jacob (Amos 1:11-12, Joel 3:19). Speaking of this, the Edomites are said to have a “perpetual hatred” for the Jews (Ezek. 35:5)! And, reflecting on this, it is meet for the LORD to say of Esau, “I hated Esau”, and of Jacob, “I loved Jacob” (Mal. 1:1-5). Even so, what is descriptively spoken about in ancient prophecy is how the Edomites were and will be helpers of Babylon and comrades of like cruelty to the Jews in the day that Babylon will conquer Israel and Jerusalem. According to Obadiah, this is the day called: “the day that strangers carried away captive [Israel’s] forces, and foreigners entered into [Israel’s] gates, and cast lots upon Jerusalem” (Obad. 1:11), “in the day that [Israel] became a stranger…in the day of their destruction…in the day of distress” (Obad. 1:12), and “the day of their calamity” (Obad. 1:13). On this day, the Edomites’ yokefellow relationship with the Babylonians is described in that the Edomites are said to be, “as one of them” (Obad. 1:11), speaking of the Babylonians!

Granted, the Edomites are not ethnically the same nation as the Babylonian nation, the race from which future Babylon will spawn, but the Edomites are friendly participants who were and will be actively involved in practical measures of persecuting and spoiling the Jews at their weakest moments. According to prophecy, strategically speaking, the Edomites laid wait for the Jews in the Wilderness and hunted for any hopeful escapees who fled for safety from ancient Babylon’s invasion (Obad. 1:14, Lam. 4:18-22, Ezek. 35:5), the foretold time that will be repeated with future Babylon and present-day Jerusalem (Zech. 14:1-2, Lk. 21:20-24, Rev. 11:2). They didn’t just stand without and cut off the hopes of escaping Jews, they ventured within the City to look upon the affliction of the Jews in hopes to rob them of their substance (Obad. 1:13). Even worse, and fearfully so, they cheered on the Babylonians to make an utter destruction of the walls and buildings of Jerusalem (“Rase it, rase it, even to the foundation thereof” – Ps. 137:7), no doubt that they might plunder it in the wake of Babylon! Why all the excitement? You’ve seen it before. My reader, reflect upon the unmatched fervor and religious zeal of Muslims worldwide. Reflect upon how Jordan champions this cause of Islam! The Jordanians heretofore, having been unable to overthrow the Jews and repossess all of Jerusalem, will be excited like the Edomites of old were as Babylon rose to the occasion. Ah, this filthy dream of modern-day Jordanians!

Remember, O LORD, the children of Edom in the day of Jerusalem; who said, Rase it, rase it, even to the foundation thereof. O daughter of Babylon, who art to be destroyed; happy shall he be, that rewardeth thee as thou hast served us. Happy shall he be, that taketh and dasheth thy little ones against the stones. ” – Ps. 137:7-9

This much and more will happen in the future as the Jordanians partner with future Babylon in like fashion. Ever since 1924 the Jordanians have been warmongers, as a figurehead for the league of Muslim nations worldwide, coveting and seizing as much of Israel and Jerusalem as possible, but to little avail. However, what the Jordanians have been unable to do in hopes to annihilate the Jewish State, Babylon will do! Hence the depraved excitement of the Edomites (“Rase it, rase it, even to the foundation thereof” – Ps. 137:7)! Babylon will be used by the devil to bring about the filthy dream of Edom! Even in this present hour, the Jordanians make their boast in Hashemite Custodianship of Jerusalem Holy Sites, and in so doing they bar the Jews from building a Temple in worship to the God of Israel. Even now, as of 2018, the debate rages onward between the Jews and Muslims worldwide. Many arguments have been made as the world debates in disfavor of the Jews who claim ownership of the Holy Property. In response to the Jordanians (the primary voice of the Muslim World), the God of Israel said of old, “ye have boasted against Me, and have multiplied your words against Me” (Ezek. 35:13)!

With Jordanian Officers on patrol, they altogether refuse the presence of any Jews on the Temple Mount! In so doing, the Edomites have “appointed [God’s] Land into their possession with the joy of their heart, with despiteful minds” (Ezek. 36:5)! Prophecy foretells the future, my reader. Fearfully, the Edomites / Jordanians delight in nothing more than the usurpation of Jewish Holy Land in the exercise of custodianship over Jerusalem’s Temple Mount, and if they could they would take over the entire City of Jerusalem on behalf of the Muslim World! Thus, as a voice on behalf of all Muslims the Jordanians speak of Jerusalem, saying, “we will possess it” (Ezek. 35:10)! My reader, can you recall hearing this said amidst the Middle East Conflict? In so many words, this has been the unified outcry of all Muslim Nations with Jordan as their ambassador in the controversy because of its appointment as custodian.

In truth, and according to Holy Scripture, the Edomites / Jordanians adamantly and angrily desire that the Jewish State would be vanquished from out of the way so that they can lay hands on their substance in the day of their calamity (Obad. 1:13). Do you believe it? Believe God. All politics aside, take the 6 Day War as an example! Follow Jordan’s actions more than her political speeches that are accepting of the status quo of things at present (the status quo being a mere custodianship of the Temple Mount while Israel remains capable of taking possession of the territory as a sovereign state). An Islamic conspiracy is certainly underway to accomplish what the 6 Day War failed to bring about. I repeat, if the Jordanians could take Jerusalem, they would! And once Babylon succeeds so to do, the Edomites / Jordanians will venture to seize and possess what they have long coveted after, and at such a time, God will say, “I have heard all thy blasphemies which thou hast spoken against the Mountains of Israel, saying, They are laid desolate, they are given us to consume” (Ezek. 35:12). My reader, perhaps now you know why Bozrah of Edom, of all places, is included in the 200-mile Winepress (Isa. 34:3, 5-7, 63:1)? Perhaps now you are beholding how justly and righteously Edom is remembered alongside Babylon in the Day of Vengeance which is, namely, the 2nd Advent War (Psalm 137:7)? Seeing that the Jordanians have been, are, and will be extraordinarily provocative to God and instrumentally in partnership with Babylon, they will be named in the same prophetic breath wherewith the LORD pronounces furious judgments upon Babylon (Ps. 137:7, Ezek. 35:8-9, 15, Jer. 49:20-22, Isa. 34:5-8). Edom is Babylon’s little sister.

An illustrious example of this wretched relationship is apparent in the 1st Century during the 2nd Restoration Generation of the Jews (Note: this is a typological example that lacks the exactitude and superiority of what will transpire in the future). By wretched relationship, I mean the sisterly relationship between Edom and Babylon in the past and in the future. Edom and Babylon were called Idumea and Rome in the 1st Century. King Herod, historically known as Herod the Great or Herod I, was Idumean. He was born in Idumea, the son of Antipater the Idumean, an Edomite. Moreover, in adulthood Herod the Edomite was pronounced the “King of Judea” by the Roman Senate. Can you believe it? An Edomite! Having obtained this status of authority in the skirt of Rome, Herod wreaked havoc on the people of God, the Jews. Murderously, he ordered the massacre of innocent children at the birth of Jesus like Egypt did at the birth of Moses! Religiously, he had an unnatural affection for the Temple and controversially ordered its expansion – and hereby Herod, as a figurehead of all Herodians, exercised custodianship over the Temple in usurpation of the Jews just like present-day Jordanians have done in the building and modification of Al-Aqsa Mosque in the location where the Jewish Temple is supposed to be! Sacrilegiously, Herod replaced some Jewish High Priests of the Temple with foreigners from Babylonia and Alexandria, thereby profaning the Priesthood and defiling the Temple of God (Schiffman, Lawrence; “The Jewish-Christian Schism”)! Soberly consider it, my reader: the Last Century will be like unto the 1st Century… only worse.