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Acts Serving as Worthy Investments of Time


So, what important and inexpendable acts are to be accomplished in the approximate 27 days that remain before Babylon’s crushing defeat accomplished on Day 1,290? To promote meaningful reflection on the divine acts that God deems as precious investments of time in such a scenario as this, consider the following:

The RaptureThe 2nd Advent of Christ in the sky must be beheld by the totality of human nations and languages subservient to Babylon.

The JudgmentThe appearance of the KING and the raptured assembly of the Kingdom, described heretofore, is the turning point of irreversible judgment upon backslidden saints: wherefore, behold, a Throne is set in Earth’s Sky!

Heaven Besieging Earth (the Vials)The full volume of the wrath of God against Babylon, in Vials, consecutively and strategically poured out in the effect of a siege upon all of Earth’s inhabitants in hopes that the Babylonians would repent and surrender to Heaven’s invasion.

The Gathering (6th Vial)An exceedingly plagued World of Nations suffering under Five Vials of divine wrath do meanwhile, in anger that the Day of the Lamb has come, gather and amass the strongly deluded armies of Babylon’s Empire under the balcony of the enthroned Lamb’s Heavenly Assembly of raptured saints and holy angels!

The Shaking (7th Vial)With the amassed strength of Babylon’s World gathered into one army on location, the stage is set for the conversion of the Jews.

The WinepressThe deluded armies are made to fear what they were formerly unafraid of, they are made to flee and scatter from the place they rushed in gathering for war, and they are made to weep and wail while running and hiding!

The Armies of Heaven in Worldwide BattleThe Armies of Heaven, as instruments of divine vengeance & channels of divine fury, spoil the Jews from Babylon’s World (albeit not without clemency to the Babylonians resulting in a tumult in the Empire) in a display of glory for the establishing of an Everlasting Covenant.

In the accomplishing of these events, the surviving inhabitants of every nation are made to look upon a brave new world; albeit, one much different than humanity had in mind. Come Day 1,290, the fictional plots of pastime novels will be forgotten. The bounding strides of the global elite who aspired to achieve godhood will know themselves to be but men (“Put them in fear, O LORD: that the nations may know themselves to be but men. Selah.” – Ps. 9:20). Thus, the unimaginable will be realized at the Defeat of the Antichrist & Babylon (Dan. 12:11). Yet, with 45 days still to go before the End, the greater part of time is reserved for the realization of things much more wonderful.

So, what important and inexpendable acts are to be accomplished in the 45 days that remain before the Triumphant Entry of Christ into Jerusalem accomplished on Day 1,335? To promote meaningful reflection on the divine acts that God deems as precious investments of time in such a scenario as this, consider the following:

All Kindreds Wail! A day of weeping & wailing so universal, it is comparable to the miseries of those in hellfire; and, yet, being upon earth, there’s hope for the trembling mourners.

Joy for Mourning! The mourning of those who’ve been impoverished under divine affliction precedes the richest comfort of beatific joy.

Consummation & Restoration The death of the dead and dying is for the living; the apocalyptic end is for a new beginning.

Proclamation Before Desolation | Good Tidings Before Liberation The proclamation is for the people who will survive the desolation; thus, the unbelieving refusers will realize the good tidings in the liberation.

“While He is Near” – Isa. 55:6 The loud & voluminous voices of the Last Days will be heard worldwide for the nearness of God in the assembly of nations.

A Treacherous Journey | The Point of Conversion In the most testing circumstances of the most treacherous journey, contrastingly, the converting Jews won’t complain; so much, the rather, in the experience of life from the dead, their tongues will be loosed to proclaim the glories of the Holy One of Israel!

Light to the Gentiles | The Law & God’s Witnesses In the progressive & climactic conversion of the Jews, the dark night of universal sorrow will be awakened by the dawning joy of a new day.

As the reader surveys some of the great themes of the Last Time, to say the least, it should serve as an eye-opening experience: like walking through the golden hallways of prophetic futurity to gaze upon the exploits of a superior age, lo, we are led down the final boulevard of Redeemed Mankind! Then, at last, the Triumphant Entry of Christ into Jerusalem on Day 1,335.