Isaiah 2:1-22

Confirming Isaiah 1:1-31, the prophet Isaiah elaborates. In Isaiah 2:1-5 we see the restored, exalted and unprecedented condition of the Jews in Judah and Jerusalem - “ALL NATIONS” are flowing into Jerusalem to attend the House of God so as to learn the Law (Isa. 2:2-3)! How will such a feat be accomplished, you wonder? Well, the Spirit of Prophecy signifies that God will “judge among the nations” and “rebuke many people” insomuch that WORLD PEACE will be established (Isa. 2:4), and not just peace but all nations will be turned toward the light of God that shines from Jerusalem (Isa. 2:4-5)! Students of prophecy know this feat to be unachievable except by the 2nd Advent WAR of Christ against Babylon and the Millennial Reign that is to follow.

In accordance with Isaiah 2:6-22, and upon reading that the LORD will “judge among the nations” and “rebuke many people” insomuch that WORLD PEACE will be established among all nations in that they are subservient seekers after the LORD in Jerusalem (in once sense), one would wonder what these divine judgments and rebukes are exactly? For, the nations of the earth have almost always been the adversaries of the Jews throughout all ages. Therefore, the foretold experience of divine judgment and rebuke will be powerful enough in its impact upon the heathen nations that it reverses the undying enmity and physical warfare between the Jews and Gentiles. Ah, what a difference! This is the Day of the LORD (Isa. 2:12).

This foretold feat is almost unbelievable, were it not that Jesus of Nazareth is going to descend in bodily presence from Heaven to Earth for WAR against the gathered armies of Babylon in such a way that unveils the Glory of His Majesty (Isa. 2:10; Rev. 6:15-17), as described in Isaiah 2:10-22. This dreadfully glorious description of future events calendars this prophecy long in the future and unfulfilled at present, and this is but the beginning of the prophecies of Isaiah. This peculiar opening of the Book of Isaiah is indicative of the general scope of Isaiah’s prophecies in that they transcend history by and large. [Last Days: 2:2; World Peace: 2:4; War: 2:4, 10-22; Majesty: 2:10, 19, 21; Shaking: 2:19, 21; Abolition of Idolatry: 2:18, 20, 30:22, 31:6]