Isaiah 14:1-3  à the Regathering & Restoration of the Jews

Of course, the Regathering & Restoration of the Jews is no new subject to the Book of Isaiah. We have already observed it in Isaiah 1:25-31, 2:2-4, 4:1-6, 6:13, 10:20-22, 11:6-16, 12:1-6. Though brief, the promised regathering and restoration of Isaiah 14:1-3 indicates a prolonged season of dispersion existing beyond the aftermath of the Assyrian Captivities, seeing that this regathering and restoration is calendared after the Babylonian Captivities. A simple reading of this prophecy would not communicate this implication to ancient readers who do not yet know about the 1st Restoration Generation numerically foretold by Jeremiah and later confirmed by Daniel, that a remnant will return in exactly 70 years (Jer. 25:11-12, 29:10-11). Of course, neither do such readers comprehend the existence of the 2nd Restoration Generation of the Jews coming about because of the shortcomings of the 1st Restoration Generation, nor could they possibly realize how so great a host of Gentiles will be joined to the Jews in that generation and the age following. Furthermore, how shall they imagine the 3rd Restoration Generation of the Jews as it relates to the closing of the Gentile Church Age? Believe it or not, the spiritual eyes of Isaiah are made to behold things historically relevant to each of these critical junctures of history and beyond, while the vast majority thereof is a guided tour of the events of futurity in such unparalleled detail, the only comparable revelation is what is given to John in the Book of Revelation.