Isaiah 1:1-31

According to Isaiah 1:1-24, the Spirit of Prophecy conveys the backslidden estate of things in Judah and how the LORD will no longer suffer it without a divine intervention of judgment and justice resulting in a near annihilation. This was partly fulfilled by Assyria and historical Babylon, but not completely. The incompleteness of all pastime fulfillments is observable in the ongoing prophecies because they only partially instead of entirely fulfilled what was written. Furthermore, let it be understood by the reader: despite all pastime inferior fulfillments, the objectives of these prophecies live on. If God’s will isn’t accomplished in the 1st Restoration Generation or the 2nd Restoration Generation, it will be accomplished in the 3rd Restoration Generation.

For example, in Isaiah 1:25-29 the Spirit of prophecy conveys the no-more-backslidden estate of things in Judah. For, seeing that the Jews are God’s People, the Church, the operation of annihilation is a redemptive process that results in a restoration; and, a restoration, in terms of God’s Law, means something very specific for the Church (and it is widely unknown by present day Church Members). The future state of Israel & Judah’s restoration is prophesied to mean: a fully purged Church (Isa. 1:25) that is overseen by righteous judges and counsellors “as at the beginning” to wit the City of Jerusalem is called, “The City of Righteousness, the Faithful City” (Isa. 1:26), as it was always meant to be.

Seeing that this restored estate was not initially accomplished by man’s instrumentality via Church Officers as God intended it to be according to Covenantal Ideals, He would accomplish the same objective in a different way: BABYLON. God had to bring “judgment” (Isa. 1:27) - the likes of which Judah had never seen (Assyria & Babylon) and wherein the LORD orchestrated scenarios of destruction upon all transgressors, sinners, and those that forsake the LORD (Isa. 1:28-31). This is a restoration indeed because Church Purity would on this wise be restored! However, lamentably, no instance of history has amounted to this prophecy… thus, the prophet Isaiah is ultimately speaking of what God will do through future Babylon as described in the Book of Revelation. Note: see the Baptism of Fire in Isaiah 1:25-31.