Isaiah 13:12-22  à the Day of the LORD upon Babylon

Apparently, Isaiah 13:11 is an introductory verse to the Day of the LORD upon Babylon. Therefore, Isaiah 13:12-22 elaborates upon what has been introduced. Yet, again, the historical fulfillments are far inferior to the soon-to-be future fulfillments. From a historical perspective, Isaiah 13:12-16 was partially fulfilled in God’s judgment upon Babylon through the Medes, as is stated in Isaiah 13:17 and described thereafter (see also Jeremiah 51:11, 27-28). However, one could hardly say that the Medes were so furiously minded to destroy Babylon that they did not regard silver or gold, as is stated in Isaiah 13:17, seeing that they possessed the riches and glory of Babylon after taking the Kingdom (Daniel 5). In fact, they took the Kingdom suddenly and peacefully in one night, and the Medes mingled with the Chaldeans after the throne was taken from Belshazzar and possessed by Darius the Median (Dan. 5:31). Thus, one is deluded to think that the Medes showed no pity and were unsparing in the slaughter, as is described in Isa. 13:18, or that the overthrow of Babylon was like when God overthrew Sodom and Gomorrah and made it uninhabitable, as described in Isa. 13:19-22.

Now, to be clear, there was a slaughtering that took place at a later time (years after the events of Daniel 5) when the Medes put down the rebellion of the Chaldeans within the Kingdom and a significant slaughtering took place, but even this was far short of the prophetic vision. The anticipation of this judgment was only strengthened by what Haggai & Zechariah foresaw in Haggai 2:21-23 & Zechariah 1:9-11, 18-21, 2:6-9, and yet the injuries suffered by the Chaldeans were far short of Haggai’s and Zechariah’s prophetic testimony as well.

Evidently, these prophecies do transcend these historical fulfillments in the foreseeing of events that will be exactly as what was foretold in every detail spoken by God (“I the LORD speak in righteousness, I declare things that are right.” – Isa. 45:19). Literally, the God of Israel will “shakethe heavens and the earth at the outpouring of the 7th Vial during the 2nd Advent War just as the prophet Isaiah and Haggai described in Isaiah 13:13 & Haggai 2:6-7, 21-22. My reader, recall to mind the earlier description of Isaiah’s vision when he saw the moment “when [the God of Israel] ariseth to SHAKE terribly the earth” in Isaiah 2:19. The partially fulfilled words that powered the manifestation of pastime scenarios must therefore transcend history for a complete and entire fulfillment in the future. Accordingly, the prophetic witness of a WORLDWIDE SHAKING does unceasingly resound throughout the centuries (the ShakingHag. 2:5-921-23Ezek. 38:19-23Isa. 2:10-2213:1324:18-20, 34:4, 54:10, Jer. 50:46Joel 3:9-16Heb. 12:25-29Mk. 13:24-27Lk. 21:25-27Matt. 24:29-31Rev. 6:12-1716:17-21; for more information, see “the Shaking (7th Vial)”).

Even so, amidst the Shaking and during the 2nd Advent War, everyone joined with the Armies of Babylon will be slain in fulfillment of Isaiah 13:15. The Empire of Babylon will be vanquished and demolished as described in Isaiah 13:19-22. Yea, the desolations of Babylon from a Celestial and Terrestrial perspective will amount to the fearful words spoken by God! I repeat, God will fulfill His own words in ways unfathomable to men! In doing the unthinkable to future Babylon, lo and behold: the scenarios rehearsed in Isaiah 14:3-27 will have actually taken place! However, before turning our gaze upon these profound descriptions of future events pertaining to the Day of the LORD upon Babylon, we need to observe the testimony of Isaiah 14:1-3.