A Chronological Ordering of Events


Directly following a 13-year period of glorious revival in the Kingdom of Judah, a Great Falling Away (as one might call it) began with the reign of Jehoahaz (who reigned for only 3 months). Then, it continued during the reign of Jehoiakim (who reigned 11 years). Afterwards, the Kingship was momentarily assumed by Jeconiah (who reigned for 3 months and surrendered to Babylon). Then, Zedekiah (who reigned 11 years) ascended the throne at the appointment of Babylon and drove the Kingdom of Judah into the predestinated catastrophe of wrath and destruction! Therefore, seeing that the reigns of Jehoahaz and Jeconiah were nearly irrelevant in respect to the driving influences of wrath and reprobation, the reigns of Jehoiakim and Zedekiah are in primary view in the Book of Jeremiah. A Great Falling Away necessitates a Great Standing Security before the fall; otherwise, the people would have had nothing to fall away from. Hence, before Jehoahaz, Jehoiakim, Jeconiah, and Zedekiah, Josiah reigned! All generations are susceptible to experience the Great Falling Away which must come at the end of the World; and, in biblical parallelism, the Josiah Generation of the Last Days will be one of revival and restoration and then… general reprobation! What happened of old will happen anew. With all this in mind, let us turn our eyes upon Josiah’s reign.