3rd Captivity

At approx. 599 BC Jerusalem was besieged and overtaken after only 3 months of Jeconiah’s reign. Because the Kingdom of Judah was just conquered only three months ago, they were in no shape to withstand the Armies of Babylon. Thoughtfully, the young man Jeconiah surrendered to Babylon and lived. He and a multitude of others were carried away in a great deportation (2 Kings 24:10-17; Nebuchadnezzar took Jeconiah in the 8th year of Nebuchadnezzar’s reign - 2 Kings 24:11-12). Finally, and at last, after setting in order what was left of the officials of the government, the King of Babylon made Mattaniah the son of Josiah (whose name was changed to Zedekiah) King in Jeconiah’s stead (2 Kings 24:17-20). All the Princes, mighty men of valor, craftsmen, smiths, and all that were apt for war were taken Captive, according to the scriptures [+17,000 were taken captive – 2 Kings 24:14-16]. Note: the sons of the Princes, the relatives, and other such like persons would fill the rooms of their captive family members in an attempt to revive the government just like Jeconiah filled the room of his father Jehoiakim.