Jeremiah 45:1-5

At the 4th year of Jehoiakim’s reign and in the midst of Baruch’s ministry (recorded in Jer. 36:1-8), right after the 1st Captivity when Babylon took control over the region instead of Egypt, Baruch was overcome with fear, distress, and covetousness. In response, the Lord gave him a sharp and sure word. My reader, this is fearful! Even Baruch was in disbelief that the sword of the LORD would pass through the Land at any time soon, thus… HE WAS STILL SEEKING GREAT THINGS FOR HIMSELF!

It is truly fearful what God said to Baruch! It was a great mercy, and a great providence, that Baruch was allowed by God to keep his life at the loss and robbery of all else! “Thus saith the LORD, the God of Israel, unto thee, O Baruch; Thou didst say, Woe is me now! for the LORD hath added grief to my sorrow; I fainted in my sighing, and I find no rest. Thus shalt thou say unto him, The LORD saith thus; Behold, that which I have built will I break down, and that which I have planted I will pluck up, even this whole land. And seekest thou great things for thyself? seek them not: for, behold, I will bring evil upon all flesh, saith the LORD: but thy life will I give unto thee for a prey in all places whither thou goest” (Jer. 45:2-5). The remnant of the Tribulation Period would learn the great mercy of this underserved gift! Baruch had no rest or peace because he was resisting tribulation instead of embracing it. Baruch was susceptible to and overtaken by the staunch mockery of the people, who said, “Where is the promise of his coming? for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation” (2 Pet. 3:4). If we don’t actively resist such mockery and scorning we will be passively overcome by it! Even with Bible in hand, like Baruch, we will fall a-prey to the allurements of deception!